Transmission at Ameren

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Ameren Transmission is dedicated to developing transmission infrastructure investments throughout the nation. We have a proven track record of planning, constructing and safely operating over eight thousand transmission miles across a variety of energy markets. We’ve had tremendous success developing and building transmission projects that deliver clean, affordable and reliable energy to communities across the Midwest. Building on that success, Ameren Transmission is exploring opportunities to develop projects that will enhance reliability, improve system performance and increase access to more diverse generation sources for customers across the country.


Vegetation Management

Federal reliability requirements state that electrical utilities must establish a vegetation management program to ensure safety and reliability.
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Multi-Value Projects

Ameren Transmission's Illinois Rivers Project, Mark Twain Project and Spoon River Project were approved by a regional transmission organization and are part of a group of transmission projects, known as Multi-Value Projects (MVP). These projects were created to improve and strengthen the regional energy grid.

Illinois Rivers

The 375-mile, 345,000-volt Illinois Rivers Project will provide greater energy reliability, increased transmission capacity and lower-cost energy from renewable sources for Midwestern families and businesses. The transmission line extends from Palmyra, Missouri, to Sugar Creek, Indiana.

Mark Twain

Ameren Transmission Company of Illinois (ATXI) is pleased to announce we have completed and energized the Mark Twain Transmission Project, a 96-mile, 345 kV transmission line and substation located in northeast Missouri.

Spoon River

Ameren Transmission Company of Illinois (ATXI) is pleased to announce we have completed and energized the Spoon River Transmission Project, a 44-mile, 345 kV transmission line between Galesburg and Peoria.
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