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Forms and Resources for Retail Gas Suppliers


If you represent a Retail Gas Supplier (RGS) and are seeking RGS registration with Ameren, please review the information below. If you have any questions regarding the RGS registration requirements, please contact the End User Transportation group at DLEndUserTransportation@ameren.com.

1. The RGS Handbook (PDF) and the Supplier Terms and Conditions (PDF) should be thoroughly read by the RGS at the onset of the RGS registration process. Critical information regarding all RGS-related business policies is contained in these documents.

2. Complete the forms below. You can complete the forms online, then save them to your system before forwarding to DLEndUserTransportation@ameren.com.

3. Ameren Illinois will provide you with a UserID and Password to log in to the Supply Choice Portal.

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