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Ameren Benefits

Ameren offers a comprehensive and cost effective benefit program . Co-workers have the opportunity to enroll in coverage that balances the flexibility individuals value with the affordability that is also important.
Ameren supplements a major portion of the cost for medical, dental and vision coverage for all full-time, regular co-workers and eligible dependents, starting on the first day of employment.
Ameren offers medical plans that are HSA eligible. HSAs are a great way to save for both current and future healthcare costs. Most co-workers who choose a HSA eligible plan have the ability to make tax favored contributions and also receive contributions from Ameren.
Ameren provides co-workers with Basic life insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage. Most co-workers also have the option to purchase Supplemental life and AD&D coverage.
The Ameren Retirement Plan helps provide a solid foundation of retirement income for co-workers. This is a 100% employer funded plan and requires no co-worker contributions to participate. Co-workers are 100% vested in their account balances after completing 3 years of service with Ameren.
Most regular co-workers are eligible to participate in the Ameren’s 401(k) plan benefits immediately upon employment. A co-worker can choose from a variety of investment funds, offering varying levels of risk. An employee’s elected percentage is invested into their account on a pre-tax or after-tax basis. Co-workers receive a company match on contributions.
Ameren co-workers can choose to participate in FSA accounts each year - Dependent Care and/or Health Care. Co-workers contribute to the FSA on a pre-tax basis, reducing their taxable income. The accounts can be used to pay for qualified day care or healthcare expenses with pre-tax dollars.
Ameren's Work-Life Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides free confidential professional services for co-workers and members of their immediate family. These services include consultation and online support for everyday life, legal services, financial services, and counselling services.
Ameren cares about co-workers and believes that good health contributes to quality of life. As a result, Ameren offers significant well-being benefits, including smoking cessation, flu shots, well-being fairs, and Weight Watchers. Many sites have on-site fitness facilities for co-workers as well.
Co-workers receive paid holidays, as well as paid vacation time. Co-workers are also provided with a sick leave allowance, which generally increase with a co-worker's length of service with Ameren increases. Time off is also allowed for Special Purposes such as Military service, Jury duty, and Death in family.
Ameren pays up to Federal IRS guidelines of $5,250 for full-time co-workers and $2,625 for part-time co-workers per calendar year of co-worker's tuition and some fees for approved accredited degree programs, up to and including the master's degree level. Courses related to a co-worker's current or future roles at Ameren may be considered for reimbursement. A reimbursement is issued upon the receipt of final grades at the end of the term.
Ameren offers a stock purchase plan called DRPlus to all co-workers. The DRPlus Plan provides a convenient means of purchasing shares of Ameren Corporation Common Stock (ticker symbol: AEE), without the payment of any brokerage commissions or service charges. The DRPlus Plan is entirely voluntary, and the co-worker can begin or terminate participation at any time.
Full-time co-workers are eligible for LTD benefits, which provides income to a co-worker who is unable to work for an extended period of time due to total disability.
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