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Ameren's service area is a bustling hub for many lucrative industries. The communities in this area are home to plentiful resources and large manufacturers. The area's central location makes it easy to access locations across the country. See what Ameren's service area has to offer you in these industries.

Several diverse industries are rooted here:


The combined advantages of strategic location, excellent infrastructure and a skilled labor force propels a large and growing manufacturing sector throughout Ameren's service area. Manufacturing is at the heart of the communities in our region of greater St. Louis, eastern Missouri, and central and southern Illinois, where a competitive cost environment helps companies thrive.
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The Ameren area is the Agribusiness & Food Manufacturing hub of America. The communities of eastern Missouri, and central and southern Illinois are home to plentiful natural resources and the biggest names in Agriculture - ADM, Monsanto, Cargill and others - shipping billions of dollars of products to global markets. Large manufacturers such as Kraft, Heinz, Nestle, Hillshire, Quaker Oats and Pinnacle Foods, are supported by a deep cluster of growers and suppliers in our region.
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The Ameren service area is perfectly situated for distribution in the central US, with access to a vast network of transportation infrastructure, a large labor force, and a low cost of doing business
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