Attracting Growing Industries 

Ameren Missouri's service area attracts thriving industries because it offers the ingredients needed for expanding commercial activity. The region is home to plentiful resources and large manufacturers, signaling strong economic health. See what our centrally-located footprint can offer you in these industries:

Aerospace and Automotive

For more than 100 years, Missouri has supported the aerospace and automotive industries.

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Data Centers

The State of Missouri employs more than 56,600 people in the information technology sector and more than 100,000 in the broader technology sector.

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The Ameren area is the Agribusiness & Food Manufacturing hub of America.

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Life Sciences

Science and discovery have always been part of Missouri's DNA and Ameren Missouri has been there to power this industry's growth all along the way.

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Ameren Missouri is a dedicated partner in helping logistics companies flourish in the state with low costs and premier access to the nation's transportation network.

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