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Supplier Policies & Risk Compliance

Ameren Supplier Policies

Below are certain Ameren policies applicable to Suppliers. Additional policies may apply to a specific project pursuant to the contract terms governing such project.

Ameren includes sustainability questions on Request for Proposals and Request for Information in our bidding process. Selecting suppliers who are committed to improving the awareness of safety, environmental, social and ethical issues is of importance to Ameren. 

Supplier Risk Compliance

Ameren has contracted its supplier risk compliance certification program to Avetta, LLC, a third-party verification company. Suppliers are required to register with the Avetta Connect Platform within 10 days after the award of a contract or purchase order (PO) for services that require the Supplier to be physically present on Ameren property. Suppliers that furnish goods are not required to register with Avetta.

Direct benefits of registering with Avetta:
  • Save Time and Money
    Reduce your existing cost of responding to multiple client qualification requirements.
  • 24/7 Web-Based Information and Document Archive
    Avetta will scan and archive your company’s important data and documents, including insurance information, certifications, licenses, safety information and training documents.
  • Market Expansion
    Include your company information in a services registry to allow prospective customers seeking qualified contractors or suppliers to see limited identifying information about your company.
  • Competitive Advantage
    Differentiate your company through independent verification and certification of your qualification and compliance information. Surveys show that companies certified by Avetta are more likely to receive contracts.
  • Administrative Support
    Receive notification from Avetta of important insurance license, certification, training and other expirations to ensure seamless coverage and compliance. Avetta also provides electronic management of your compliance documentation.
  • Certified Report
    Receive an Avetta certified report, confirming independent verification of your company’s compliance information suitable for distribution to Ameren and others.
  • Qualification Status with Ameren and all other Avetta Clients for an Annual Fee
    After a supplier is awarded an Ameren contract, the supplier is required to register and pay an annual registration fee to become certified in Avetta.
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