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Standby Generators

Be Ready for the Unexpected

Our energy delivery system is smart, safe and reliable. However, the unexpected can happen. To be ready for whatever the weather brings and other unexpected electric service interruptions, consider installing a natural gas standby generator. It can be a good choice for maintaining service reliability. Unlike portable units, a natural gas generator can automatically turn on within seconds- keeping you, your family, even the family pet comfortable.

Why should you invest in a backup generator?

How it Works

1. Schedule a Free In-Home Assessment to be contacted by an authorized generator dealer.
2. Be prepared to discuss generator options and financing if applicable. 
3. The dealer will work with Ameren Illinois to complete your installation, the required natural gas meter upgrade and any gas line extensions needed.*
4. The new standby generator will be connected to your gas piping. A natural gas service interruption will occur and be restored after the installation. This could take a few hours.  You must be home for this portion.

The electric transfer switch will be connected to the new standby generator. A brief electric service interruption will occur.  No need to be home for this portion

* Meter upgrade costs can be paid on the energy bill over 12-months or as a lump sum payment. Gas line extension, if needed, must be paid up front.



Disclaimer: The terms and conditions of this offer are exclusive to the manufacturer. Ameren Illinois is committed to helping our customers be aware of options available to them and does not receive any compensation from the manufacturer to extend this offer to our customers. 

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