Environment and Sustainability

Balancing the needs of our environment, customers and economy is important to all of us at Ameren Illinois. From Avian Protection to Energy Efficiency, we are building a legacy of environmental stewardship.

Avian Protection Program

Ameren Illinois cares about the world we live in, and our Avian Protection Program is one way we are building a legacy of environmental stewardship. Every year, this program saves birds of prey - and other wildlife -from potentially deadly encounters with power lines.

We think about sustainability in the context of these four areas:

Environmental Stewardship

Operating to reduce emissions and waste and preserve natural resources while providing safe, reliable, and affordable electric and natural gas services. We are specifically focused on the following areas: climate change; environmental justice; environmental compliance; emissions reductions; waste management; and water management.


Execute policies and principles that integrate ESG matters into our risk management and strategic planning frameworks, as well as providing strong oversight. This includes considerations such as board and committee-level oversight; compensation; ethics and compliance; enterprise risk; management-level oversight and accountability; and regulatory and legislative engagement.

Social Impact

Placing people at the center of everything we do by supporting customers, empowering co-workers and enabling more sustainable communities. We are tracking our efforts in community impact; data privacy/cybersecurity; diversity, equity and inclusion; health and safety; human capital; and sustainable supply chain.

Sustainable Growth

Delivering superior and sustainable long-term value to our customers, the communities we serve, our shareholders and the environment.

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