Share My Usage

With Share My Usage, customers can authorize to share their electric energy usage data with a registered third party company for purposes such as energy efficiency analysis, billing and usage comparisons, and academic research. Share My Usage is a streamlined, secure way for customers to give authorization to third party companies to access their electric energy usage data.


Third Party – For the Share My Usage program, a Third Party is not the same as a Retail Electric Supplier. It is a separate entity seeking to obtain electric interval energy usage data of a residential or small commercial (DS-2 & DS-3A) Ameren Illinois customer. Third Parties are granted access to such data by the customer.


Share My Usage – Share My Usage is an online program that gives a residential or small commercial (DS-2 & DS-3A) customer a system to share energy usage information with an approved Third Party entity. The Customer-Specific Information obtained through this program is based on the common technical standards developed with the support of the Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), released by the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB).

Documentation & Links

ICC Docket 15-0073
ICC Docket 14-0701
Green Button Department of Energy
Green Button Alliance

For more information on how to become a registered Third Party or to update your current registration, please contact


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