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Landfill and Natural Gas

Turning landfill gas into renewable energy.

Combustion Turbine Generators

Ameren Missouri runs a diverse fleet of nine natural gas-fired and five oil-fired Combustion Turbine Generators (CTGs) in Missouri and Illinois. CTG's provide efficient, cleaner and reliable energy for our customers when they need the energy most. On days of extreme temperatures, CTG’s give us the ability to add generation to meet the high demand.

As Ameren Missouri pursues more opportunities for renewable generation like wind and solar, the nimble CTG’s are ready when renewable sources aren't generating. Having CTGs as part of our energy mix allows Ameren Missouri to maintain grid reliability and meet demand quickly with low-emission generation.


Maryland Heights Renewable Energy Center

Our Maryland Heights Renewable Energy Center takes something nobody wants - gas from decomposing trash - and turns it into something everybody needs: reliable, environmentally responsible electricity. Approximately 8 megawatts of renewable electricity comes from burning methane.

Methane is a renewable resource unlike any other. It is available as a fuel 24 hours a day regardless of weather or other conditions, making landfill gas generation a safe, reliable energy source for decades to come.

Watch our video to learn how we're turning landfill gas into renewable energy.


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