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Permit Fees

In addition to the processing fees charged for new permits or modifications to existing permits, all docks are subject to a permit fee. Owners of docks that occupy more than 3,000 square feet of water space will be charged an annual permit fee based on total square footage at a rate of $.06 per square feet. Owners of docks smaller than 3,000 square feet are not subject to an annual fee, but they will be charged a permit fee (PDF) when a new dock is installed or an existing dock is modified. 

The square footage used to determine the permit fee includes the total surface area of the dock (including the area within boat slips), lifts and all other attachments. If the property has more than one dock, the total area of the individual docks will be added together to determine the fee. The area occupied and the annual permit fee will be determined by Ameren Missouri. 
Multiple permits can be applied and paid for with one application. See fee example.  If a dock permit is denied, the processing portion of the permit fee may be refunded.


Processing and Permit Fees

New docks less than 1,800 Sq. feet          $400 (150 processing plus 250 permit fee)

New docks 1,800 to 2,999 Sq. feet            $550 (150 processing plus 400 permit fee)
Modified docks less than 1,800 Sq. feet   $350 (100 processing plus 250 permit fee)
Modified docks 1800 to 2,999 Sq. feet      $500 (100 processing plus 400 permit fee)
Docks over 3,000 Sq. feet                             $150 (plus $.06 per square foot annually)
Certified dock builder application               $300 

 Certified dock builder annual                      $100

 Certified dock builder reinstatement         $300 
Seawall   $300 for first 100' plus $1/foot over 100'
Rip rap, stacked stone or vegetation  $100  
Dredging-excavation  $500 
Boat Ramp  $300 

Permit extension  $25
Permit transfers*  $35
Utilities - Pump 2 HP or less  $50
Utilities - Pump greater than 2 HP  $100
Geo-thermal coil  $100 

 Breakwater  $500 for first 100' plus $5/foot over 100' 

 FERC Submittal  $2,000 

 Accessory Structure - Pier  $100 

 Accessory Structure - Steps  $50 

*All permitted facilities on a property may be transferred with one application and fee. Facilities not transferred within 2 years will be charged an additional $35.  
Any dock or property owner who fails to obtain a permit, fails to comply with the terms of a permit issued, or fails to comply with Ameren Missouri's policies or guidelines at Lake of the Ozarks shall be liable for all costs - including attorney’s fees and interest - incurred in the enforcement of Ameren Missouri’s permit provision.

Failure to obtain a permit  $2,000

Failure to comply with permit conditions  $2,000

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