Incentives & Programs

Incentives to drive electric come in all forms. Whether it is the Federal Tax Credit, low-cost maintenance or being able to avoid the gas station and fuel your car while you sleep. There are many reasons to go electric.

There are many benefits to installing workplace charging for employees.

Electric vehicles are becoming more common in Missouri because they are fun and exciting to drive, easy to charge and cost less to fuel and maintain. Offering employees electric vehicle charging can enhance satisfaction and provide many benefits:

  • Establish your company as a leader in sustainability and innovation
  • Act as an employee incentive that can enhance recruitment and retention efforts
  • Provide a highly valued employee benefit
  • Employees receive numerous benefits of their own for driving electric

Incentives to converting your fleet to electric includes:

  • Passenger vehicle federal tax credit: Most new passenger vehicles can receive up to a $7,500 federal tax credit.
  • Pay less at the plug: The cost of fueling an EV is less than half that of a conventional vehicle.
  • Lower maintenance costs: All-electric vehicles have fewer parts to maintain, and no tailpipe means no emissions checks.
  • Managing charging is easy: We can help you develop a plan to manage your charging and reduce fueling costs.
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