Corporate Governance

Strong corporate governance and leadership keep us aligned to our commitment to a sustainable energy future. Ameren has established robust risk management and corporate governance systems to identify, evaluate and manage the risks and opportunities associated with environmental, social and governance (ESG) and sustainability matters.

Over the last few years, we’ve enhanced our sustainability governance framework in several key ways:

  • Amending the Nuclear, Operations and Environmental Sustainability Committee’s (NOESC) charter to ensure focused oversight of environmental sustainability matters.
  • Reflecting ESG metrics, such as safety, customer satisfaction and renewable generation and energy storage additions in Ameren’s executive compensation program.
  • Presenting director qualifications in the company’s annual proxy statement as a skills matrix to highlight each director’s diverse experience and board demographic diversity.
  • Addressing the continued investor focus on board composition and refreshment through the addition of seven new members to the board of directors over the last five years.
  • Engaging with institutional investors, shareholder proponents and other shareholders to discuss key ESG disclosures, such as the 2019 Climate Risk Report and 2018 Coal Combustion Residuals Report.

Board Level Governance

A publicly traded company, Ameren (NYSE: AEE) is led by a diverse board of directors responsible for overseeing the company’s strategy and performance. The full board works closely with the Nuclear, Operations and Environmental Sustainability Committee (NOESC) on ESG matters as they relate to policy and strategy and assesses how they impact the company’s operations, strategies and risk profile, including those related to planning for the potential implications of climate-related risks. The board has a diverse range of skills that make it well positioned to address the risks and opportunities associated with environmental issues. These include extensive energy industry, operational, strategic planning, financial, cyber, and regulatory experience, as well as environmental, sustainability and legal expertise.

The NOESC was renamed from the Nuclear and Operations Committee and undertook additional oversight responsibilities in March 2020 to reflect the board’s focus on sustainability matters and to further support our commitment to environmental stewardship. In addition to overseeing and reviewing the company’s operations, including safety, performance, environmental and compliance issues, the committee’s duties and responsibilities were expanded to include oversight of the company’s risks, policies and performance related to environmental sustainability matters, including those related to climate change and water resource management. Senior management updates the NOESC on all aspects of the company’s operations throughout the year, including long-term generation planning, compliance with environmental regulations and environmental sustainability matters.

The Human Resources Committee oversees executive compensation practices and policies, including the integration of environmental, social and governance measures, and human capital management practices and policies, including those related to diversity, equity and inclusion. Our Annual Report provides more information about this topic.

Visit AmerenInvestors.com for more information about Ameren’s corporate governance policies and practices.

Management Level Governance

Ameren formed the Corporate Social Responsibility executive steering committee in 2018 to provide management oversight for ESG and sustainability issues. The cross-functional team includes members from the Ameren Leadership Team and the Senior Leadership Team. This group is responsible for providing input into the ESG corporate strategy; providing input, review and approval of voluntary reports; and offers comments on ESG reporting frameworks. We leverage our Enterprise Risk Management program as a comprehensive framework to identify, evaluate and manage risk across the ESG pillars.

The Sustainability and Electrification Department leads the Company’s approach to managing ESG matters. Read more about other important governance topics, such as political contribution accountability and cybersecurity, in our ESG investor presentation.

Creating Value

Shareholders provide Ameren with a portion of the capital needed to upgrade and replace aging infrastructure to keep service reliable for our customers, which is why we are focused on delivering top quartile total shareholder returns among our utility peer group.

We also focus on creating value for the region we serve through economic development initiatives, including business incentive programs, employing local people and partnering with local suppliers, whenever possible. For example, Ameren spend $1.5 billion with local suppliers in 2019 to support our Missouri and Illinois economies.

Managing Our ESG Approach

Corporate governance plays a vital role in guiding our approach to delivering a sustainable energy future. Explore this section to learn more.

Investor Resources

Additional resources about the corporate governance role in ESG are available on our investor website.

ESG Overview

Stakeholder Engagement

An important step in our ESG strategy is engaging our stakeholders to understand their needs and concerns.

Stakeholder Approach

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We hold our suppliers and businesses partners to high ESG standards.

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