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Renewable Energy

Increased use of clean, renewable energy will be critical to achieving our goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Ameren Missouri’s current energy generation comes from a variety of sources, including fossil fuels, nuclear energy, hydro, wind and solar. To achieve our goal, we’ve outlined a strategy to retire coal-fired energy centers and expand renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar. The strategy is specific to Ameren Missouri, since Ameren Illinois does not own energy generation. In 2020, Ameren Missouri named our first chief renewable development officer to oversee our clean energy generation strategy.

Renewable Energy At-a-Glance

Currently operate three solar facilities, with more planned

Largest operator of wind energy generation in Missouri

Ameren’s Renewable Energy Approach

Today, Ameren Missouri has approximately 800MW of clean energy generation capacity through wind, solar and hydro facilities. We recently took ownership of our first two wind facilities. Both are based in Missouri. The High Prairie Energy Center is a 400 MW facility located near Kirksville. The Atchison Energy Center, located in Atchison County, is expected to be a 300 MW facility when completed later in 2021.

Solar is also part of our overall energy mix. Our O’Fallon Renewable Energy Center generates 5.7 MW of energy from 19,000 solar panels. Ameren Missouri installed 4,500 solar panels on top of one of BJC HealthCare’s parking garages – an area the size of two football fields. Additional solar energy comes from our Community Solar program and will soon include sites in our Neighborhood Solar program.

As part of our net-zero carbon emissions goal, Ameren intends to invest in a massive expansion of renewable energy. Including the two new wind facilities discussed above, we will add 3,100 MW of clean, renewable generation from wind and solar by 2030 and 5,400 MW by 2040. That's enough energy to power tens of thousands of homes every day.

Community Partnerships in Renewable Energy

Many of our customers are passionate about renewable energy and the benefits it provides. We have developed programs that offer Ameren electric customers multiple options to partner with us to accelerate investments in renewable energy.

  • Ameren Missouri’s Community Solar subscription program enables customers to subscribe to blocks of a shared solar system at a locked-in rate. Ameren operates a 1 MW Community Solar site near St. Louis Lambert International Airport and plans to add 6 MW of solar by building a new facility in Montgomery County, Missouri. In addition, Ameren Illinois has 34 community solar facilities on-line or under construction.
  • The Neighborhood Solar program enables Ameren Missouri to partner with schools, institutions and nonprofits to expand our solar generation capacity, Ameren Missouri will cover all costs for installing solar panels at these facilities, and the energy generated goes into the grid to serve all customers. Ameren Illinois customers also have options to partner with us to generate renewable energy on their property or subscribe to renewable energy sources. This includes $17 million in rebates for customers using smart inverters to connect their own renewable generation to our grid. More information is available in the Ameren Illinois Renewables Resource Center.

Economic Benefits of Renewable Energy

Not only will more wind and solar energy help our environment, but it will benefit the local economy. Large construction projects like these create job opportunities, support local suppliers and provide tax benefits to local communities. Ameren Missouri’s wind and solar expansion over the next few decades is estimated to create thousands of jobs in our local communities.

And more wind and solar facilities can help the region be more attractive to new and expanding business development, bringing more jobs and tax revenue to support our region. To learn more about these opportunities by state, visit Ameren Illinois’s Renewable Resource Center and Ameren Missouri’s Clean Energy and the Environment page.

Read more about Ameren’s plans to increase renewable energy generation in our recent IRP report.

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