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Power Smart Pricing

Learn how to save more on your electric bill with Power Smart Savings from Ameren Illinois!

Saving on your energy has never been smarter. 

Enroll in Power Smart Pricing and start saving!


Make small shifts that will lead to smart savings.

Power Smart Pricing lets you take advantage of day-ahead hourly pricing. You can see the best time to use electricity in your home and save money.

Reduce electricity usage.

If you spend more than $50 or use more than 350 kWh per month, signing up for Power Smart Pricing and accessing the day-ahead hourly pricing chart can help you reduce your electricity and save on your bill.

Better for the environment.

Reducing your energy usage during high demand times also reduces the need for more power plants and, in turn, means less greenhouse gas emissions.

Lower your monthly bill.

Make small shifts to your electricity usage so you’re using energy when the hourly prices are cheaper, saving you money.

Improve service reliability.

Switching when you use electricity can help give the energy grid a break and make service more reliable for everyone.


Signing up is simple. Click here to enroll online anytime.


Use our day-ahead hourly pricing chart to see when prices are at their lowest.


Reduce your energy usage during higher-priced, peak demand times.

Discover more ways to save.

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