Budget Billing

Even out your monthly payments

We know you want options when it comes to paying your energy bill.

Budget Billing is a free option that helps level out seasonal changes in your energy bill by dividing the previous year’s usage into predictable baseline monthly payments. The result is more peace of mind and an energy bill that stays the same – even when the temperature outside doesn’t.

Budget Billing MO

Budget Billing Choose the Budget Billing option that's right for you.

For your convenience, we offer two Budget Billing options.

The Settlement option allows you to “settle up” the difference between the cost of energy used during the previous year and the amount you paid up to that point. You’ll “settle up” with a one-time payment or credit on your account once every 12 months.

With the Rollover option, the end-of-year difference between the cost of energy used and the amount you paid will continuously roll over, as a charge or payment that will be divided across the next twelve months. This avoids having to pay an unexpected fee all at once.

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