Potential Power Outage Notification

At Ameren we strive to provide outstanding service. We invest in our network, infrastructure and people to continue to provide safe and reliable power.

Ensuring that you have the best customer experience possible, even in the event of a service interruption, is very important to us. We are one of the most reliable utilities in the nation, and we’re continuously looking for ways to make your customer experience better. As part of this effort, we have developed a communication feature that will proactively notify customers about a possible outage at their service location called Potential Power Outage Notification.

You may periodically receive phone calls, texts, or emails from Ameren notifying you of possible outages at your service location. During the phone call or text conversation, you will be asked to confirm your power status.

To make things easier, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers about Potential Power Outage Notifications to introduce this new feature to you.

*ESRT = Estimated Safe Restoration Time. This is the estimated time that Ameren communicates to customers that we expect to have power safely restored on a specific outage order.

Power Outage Notifications FAQs

A notification that enhances phone, text, and email channels to proactively notify you when our system believes there may be an outage in your area. As part of this alert message, you will be asked to confirm whether your power is 1) on, 2) off, 3) don’t know. If you indicate your power is off, the system generates an order (which is the same as if you called or visited the Ameren website to report the outage). This Potential Power Outage Notification is part of a larger effort to improve the quantity and quality of communication with customers during an outage.
When two or more outages are reported on a single transformer, the system will send a Potential Power Outage Notification to all customers on that transformer.
Customers enrolled in Outage Information alerts will receive the notification in their preferred channel (text, email or both). Customers not enrolled in Outage Information alerts will receive the notification by phone.
No. Power restoration is prioritized by Ameren based on the unique dynamics of each outage event. During the restoration of electrical equipment due to storm damage, Ameren works to restore power to equipment that feeds the largest number of customers. After the damage is repaired, we work to restore the greatest number of customers in a timely manner, keeping safety in mind. As power is restored to communities and neighborhoods, we then work to restore individual customers.
No. We do not send these alerts to customers who have already reported the outage. If you report an outage via phone or the Ameren website, you will continue to receive restoration updates via text, email or phone same as today.
If you have responded that you are experiencing an outage, you will receive the same communications as customers who have reported the outage by calling the Customer Support Center, which would include restoration updates. Customers who indicate they are not experiencing an outage, or they do not know of their power status, receive a “thank you” message, but do not receive additional communication.
Outage Notifications are sent between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.
If you sign up for outage alerts now, you will automatically be included in text and email notifications. Based on your Ameren service territory, you may receive notifications by phone. In order accurately contact you, we recommend updating your account's primary phone number.
We hope our customers will see the value in increased communication from Ameren about their service, whether it is through Potential Power Outage Notifications or other alerts about service, billing, etc. However, if you would like to opt out of this feature, please log into your Ameren online account and make the appropriate changes to your alert preferences.
Since outages are unpredictable, we do not have a launch date for all customers. We want to make sure that we have gathered enough data through testing to understand accuracy and timing of our interactions with you.
Ameren has selected customers based on geography and other factors, to participate in this pilot. We have included only those customers who have registered for outage alerts and selected either text or email as their preferred channel.
Ameren has selected a small group of customers, based on geography and other factors, to participate in this pilot. We have included only those customers who have registered for outage alerts.
This is part of Ameren's commitment to improve the quality and quantity of information customers receive from Ameren during an outage.
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