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Understanding Your Energy Statement

Your energy statement has many features designed to help you manage your energy use but we know it can be a bit confusing. We compiled a list of the common terms you need to know in order to understand your energy statement and efficiently manage your usage.

How to read your electric or gas meter

Federal Tax Rate Reduction

Beginning August 1, 2018, all Ameren Missouri customers began receiving approximately a 6% rate cut as a result of federal tax reduction changes. This rate cut will save the average residential customer about $72 a year. You are realizing these savings much sooner due to the new energy law, which expedites the process, opposed to waiting potentially years to provide the savings through a traditional regulatory rate review. The 6 % rate cut is applied to the federal taxes reflected in the rates paid through the electric energy charge on your monthly energy statement. Your savings is reflected on your monthly energy statement as the Federal Tax Rate Reduction.

Budget Bill Adjustment

If you participate in Budget Billing, you may see a Budget Bill Adjustment on your monthly statement. This amount is the difference between the cost of your actual usage that month and your Budget Billing Amount.

CCF - Natural Gas

CCF stands for 100 cubic feet. It is the basic unit for measuring the volume of natural gas used.

Energy Efficiency Investment Charge

EEIC reflects costs incurred to provide customers with energy efficiency programs enabled by the Missouri Energy Efficiency Investment Act. This charge can fluctuate and will remain on the monthly energy statement beyond the implementation dates of the program.

Electric Energy Charge - residential

The electric customer charge - the fixed cost of providing service based on rate classification

Fuel Adjustment Charge (FAC)

The FAC provides that 95% of the increases or decreases in actual net energy costs in between rate cases (net fuel and purchased power costs, and net off-system sales, including transportation) shall be passed through to customers. The FAC addresses the volatile nature of these costs. The PSC must review and approve our FAC before changes are made. When we talk about fuel, we are referring to resources such as coal or nuclear, which we use to generate electricity.


Infrastructure Replacement Surcharge (ISRS) 

ISRS reflects the cost Ameren Missouri has incurred for certain natural gas system replacements/improvements and gas facility relocations due to road construction projects since Ameren Missouri’s last natural gas rate adjustment.

Kilowatt-hour (kWh)

kWh is the basic unit for measuring the amount of electricity used. Current Usage shows how many kilowatt-hours have been used since the previous meter reading. The Electric Usage Summary compares electric usage for the same time period year-to-year.

Lighting Charge 

The Lighting Charge is a flat monthly rate, plus an FAC adjustment, for the use of Ameren Missouri-owned lighting installed on a customer's property. This charge includes the cost of installing, owning, operating and maintaining the lights.

Natural Gas Charge 

The Natural Gas Charge reflects the cost of natural gas provided (energy charge) based on rate classification (e.g., residential), plus the fixed cost of providing service (customer charge) including customer, demand and non-PGA (Purchase Gas Adjustment) commodity-related costs.

Purchase Gas Adjustment (PGA) 

The PGA reflects the cost of natural gas that Ameren Missouri purchases from suppliers and then delivers to our customers. This includes the cost of storing and transporting natural gas to our system. We pass this cost along to customers on a dollar-for-dollar basis. The PGA is based on the number of CCF provided.

Taxes - Missouri, Local and Municipal 

Ameren Missouri collects taxes, or municipal charges, on behalf of the city and/or county in which you live. The taxes we collect are passed through to the city/county/state. Beginning September 27, 2016, there may be municipal taxes applied to Non-Service-related charges, which can include late pay charges, re-connection fees, and special contracts.

Municipalities impacted by this change.

Monthly Community Solar Charge

Each subscribed block of solar energy through the Community Solar program will be billed at the Community Solar rate each month. This is the number of blocks enrolled times 100 kWh times $.1395/kWh (Community Solar Rate). This will be a separate line item on your monthly energy statement as shown above.

The same amount of kWh (number of blocks enrolled times 100 kWh) will be deducted from your regular rate. For example, if you are enrolled in 3 blocks of Community Solar and your current monthly usage is 990 kWh you will be billed 3 blocks x 100 kWh/block x $.1395/kWh (Community Solar rate) = $41.85 plus your regular energy rate times (900 kWh-300 kWh) plus other applicable charges.

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