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Electric Service Requirements Manual

The manual below is provided to help you and your electrical contractor plan your electric service. Requirements are stated to facilitate our mutual understanding of electrical work to be completed, to promote safety and to expedite service connections. When unusual or special situations arise, we will be glad to provide supplementary information.

The manual is based on applicable codes and practices established by Ameren, local authorities and the electrical industry. This includes the National Electric Code and the National Electric Safety Code. If you have any apparent conflict between the manual and the requirements of local inspection authorities or the national codes, you should bring the situation to our attention before proceeding with your electrical work. 

Please note that it is your responsibility and that of your electrical contractor to properly select meter and service equipment and to locate and install the appropriate electrical equipment to meet Ameren Corporation’s service requirements. Some installations, by virtue of their complexity, require that drawings be submitted to Ameren Corporation to coordinate and specify the work to be done. 

Also, please note that having access to the information contained in these manuals does not preclude you or your contractor from contacting Ameren Missouri as soon in your planning process as possible and applying for service. This allows us to begin processing your request sooner and achieve a greater coordination of effort in connecting your facility to our system. 

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